Orthopedic Insoles

Orthopedic Insoles

Over 30 years of experience and 98% effective in our products allows us to synthesize a questionnaire that allows us to make orthotics insoles according to the texture of your feet.

We do not make serial insoles or standardized. We do not use materials unefficient.

Each Orthopedic Insole is hand-made by professionals who use top quality antifungal leather.

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Did you know that…?

When you are standing, walking, running or jumping makes your feet take a great effort which won´t resist if their shape wouldn´t be adapted for that. To correct it you should wear Orthopedic Insoles.

Who have got foot problems and because of that a bad footstep will have serious problems in the future. Some of these problems caused by a bad footstep are: escoliosis fourth and fifth vertebra lumbar problem, hip problems, cervical problems, knee pains, arthritis. But wearing Orthopedic Insoles you will calm these pains and if you catch the problem on time it can be solved.

Two to five year old children can correct their footstep wearing Orthopedic Insoles every day. Teenagers can prevent future problems. The right locacation of the different support spots that you get wearing Orthopedic Insoles make that during their growing foot bones get a normal foot structures progressively.


Flat foot gives you these problems:

Kyphosis, swayback, hump-shaped.

Ciphosis: a bend on your back, as a hanchedback.

Escoliosis: it´s when your column has got an S shape. When your spinal column bends it produces fourth and fifth lumbar vertebra, hip, cervical and knee problems.

Knees: when you have got flat foot your knees touch each other (knees in X). As time passes by you`ll get knee pain and possibly knee arthritis This happens because the articulation of your knee works badly. Your meniscus is worn in an unnatural way. There is more support on its internal foot side than on the external one. Besides you should know your meniscus may break as the time passes.

Your body support begins from the base. It is your body support, YOUR FOOT, YOUR FOOTSTEP, your body base must be right.


Long Bow (Too much curved foot): your heel foot and your metatarsals press too much.

It makes your toes become into claw shape; the upper side of the toes touches the shoe making you get callus. The lower side of your toes press with the nail tips and callus are formed between your toes.

You must know Orthopedic Insoles stop deformation progress. If you have got a hard pain now, it can be saved by surgery.

Unlike hip scoliosis (A higher hip than the other): Your column takes an S shape, that´s why one of your leg is longer then the other.
The femur Works badly, the meniscus is worn and it touches bone to bone. Others are so much worn that the hole where the femur is located becomes bigger and covers this place. When a person has this problem the solution is surgery. It consists on taking the femur head and putting a prosthesis into de bone hole. That´s called hip surgery.

If I´ve got much foot arch why should I need wear Orthopedic Insoles?

Because the gap between the ground and the central part of your foot arch which presses the heel tip and the metatarsals, your weigh body is distributed between these press spots.

You must know a sane foot leans like this: heel, external side foot, the five metatarsiano and the five toes. Ortopedic Insoles change lean spots and are similar to a healthy foot.

A bad step causes serious problems on the patient and gives them pains which increase with the time. Besides, some of them are irreversible.

Problems an abnormal foot gets because of not wearing Orthopedic Insoles.

Knee problems: knee pain.
Back problems: back pain.
Hip problems: hip pain.
Cervical problems: cervical pain.

Find a real solution and finish with your problems. Get our best quality an antimocotic leather home made Orthopedic Insoles.